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Irish fields

A while ago, I showed you my Wonky Cross quilt, which I made with the plan that it would be my memory quilt of the epic trip we've been on. I said that my original vision was that it would be evocative of the fields and pastures that are were around me in Ireland... and I also mentioned that, as much as I really love the quilt top, it hasn't necessarily delivered on the whole fields thing.

You see, the country is just so *green*. It is impossible to capture on camera (at least for me with my incredibly limited photography skills) just how many shades of green there are on our drives across country. I wish I could show you the field after field, divided by cobblestone walls, but I just don't have the skills to do it justice.

So after that ramble, I need to confess that while my wonky crosses make me happy, they just don't feel *green* enough for me, at least not to reflect my time in Ireland.

Meanwhile, as I worked away on the wonky crosses, making what felt like piecin…

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